NHS admin costs lowest since 2006

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BERWICKSHIRE MSP John Lamont has welcomed figures which show that administration costs at NHS Borders have fallen to their lowest amount in six years.

Having been as high as £16.61million in 2007-08, they have now dropped for the second year running to £12.62million – almost a £4 million drop.

Mr Lamont praised the figures, saying that saving costs in administration will leave more money to spend on frontline services.

He commented: “These figures are very welcome news, and show that unlike some other health boards, NHS Borders are getting to grips with cutting the costs of administration. To see a drop for a second year running is encouraging, especially as it is nearly £4million lower than it was just four years ago.

“Too many public bodies are weighed down with huge amounts of red tape and paperwork, costing time and money. These figures show that this problem is being tackled in the Borders and more people could take a lead from the example they are setting.

“With many of our health boards needing to cut costs, it is reassuring that in the Borders we are saving large amounts in back room work. This will undoubtedly mean that there is more to spend on front line services, and ensure that the quality of care on offer to Borders patients remains at a high level.”