New vehicle for Borders Search and Rescue

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THE Borders Search and Rescue Team has taken possession of a new Land Rover Defender, from Lloyd Land Rover in Kelso.

Fully kitted for off road work, as well as boasting sirens, lights, stretcher capability and mountain rescue radios, the Defender will make a massive contribution to the vital work of the team.

Land Rover sales executive David Miller told us: “We’re delighted to be able to provide this wonderful vehicle for use in the local area by the team.

“They give up countless hours of their free time to volunteer their skills and services to help our local community, so it’s only fitting they should have use of the best vehicle possible to aid their efforts. We wish them every success with the new Defender and look forward to hearing of it’s involvement on the local fells and mountains.”

Stuart Fuller-Shapcott is Deputy Team Leader and Equipment Officer for the Border Search and Rescue Team and commented, “The new Defender will be kitted out with the latest rescue equipment, it has room for a stretcher, in the rear, as well as sirens and mountain rescue radios and full ambulance graphics on the exterior, so it combines the reliability and functionality that we need as well as being instantly recognisable as an emergency vehicle.

“We’re delighted Lloyd Land Rover were able to provide the vehicle and kit it out, it’s a good partnership and will significantly improve the service we are able to offer.”