New role for old fish market

Project officer Gale Coates explains the plans for developing the old Eyemouth fish market into a community space
Project officer Gale Coates explains the plans for developing the old Eyemouth fish market into a community space

Eyemouth old fish market is now being rented by Eyemouth and district Community Trust and the message to Eyemouth residents is that “it’s your space”.

The trust has appointed Gale Coates as project officer for the harbour-side space which is available now for use.

Gale is Eyemouth born and bred and has been with the retained fire service for 22 years. Prevous roles have included work at the swimming pool, a lifeguard tutor and safety officer, safety manager at Allan Brothers and environment co-ordinator at Dunbar cement works.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to make a difference and really help,” said Gale, who took up the post last week. “I come from a fishing family, my dad and brother and ex-husband all saw the demise of the industry and I want to see the regeneration of the harbour.”

The first draft plans to make the old fish market a more flexible community space have been received from architects. The trust is currently discussing them and the hope is that work will start next month and be completed by the end of the year, making the space more user-friendly while retaining its harbour connection.

“A big part of what we are hoping to do is to use volunteers to help with the work, use recycled materials where possible and get the community involved in making it feel that the space is theirs,” said Sina Anderson.

The first thing Eyemouth residents can help with is deciding on a name for the old fish market space. At the moment it is referred to as either the Chill Space as the old fish market chiller cabinet was housed there, or the old fish market. Suggestions are coming in and a short list will be drawn up at the end of September, and put to the vote on Facebook.

Eyemouth and District Community Trust is also working on a £2 million funding bid to develop a social eco innovation centre for the town, and is looking for additional directors to join them during the development phase.

The trust is in the process of putting together a Big Lottery bid for funding for the centre - the old town hall is one of the options being considered for the location of the centre. While the funding bid includes fees for architects, surveyor, structural engineers etc the trust are keen for people with some understanding of these areas to join them either as advisors or in a decision role as directors.

Contact Gale on 07931 987521;; Facebook gcedct; twitter @gcedct.

To contact the trust about the project email