New role for Eyemouth’s Harbour Road

Harbour Road, Eyemouth
Harbour Road, Eyemouth
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A vision of how Eyemouth’s harbourside could look in the future has been drawn up Scottish Borders Council want to hear what you think.

In a radical move away from the fishing industry to tourism, Harbour Road would be cleared of commercial operations such as Burgons and D R Collin which would move to a dedicated fish processing park; the old fishing market building demolished; the harbour side would be given up to short stay car parking; and the buildings along Harbour Road would be transformed into retail offices exhibition areas, performance areas and residential.

Local architect Allan Swan has drawn up a ‘Draft Harbour Road, Eyemouth, Development Framework’ for the council and it is currently out for public consultation until March 12, 2014.

Explaining his vision Mr Swan said: “Towns which express their authenticity in simple and direct ways are intrinsically attractive to visitors. What better example is there than Tobermory. If something of this ilk could be achieved in Eyemouth, it would be a big step in reinventing the place.

“The task of replacing the town’s declining income from fishing by re-orienting towards the visitor market is already well underway, so developing the harbourside block and the quayside at the inner end of the harbour follows a trend already in train. However, left to chance and individual commercial decisions, the outcome is unlikely to be successful.

“The interest in building a better future for Eyemouth is palpable and is reflected in the vigorous revival of organisations such as the town council, the Chamber of Trade and the establishment of new organisations such as the Eyemouth Initiative. A vision group composed of various individuals, MSPs and councillors and representatives from town organisations has met several times to discuss the future.”

Funding applications, land ownership issues and economic factors will all impact on the timescale; the framework currently being drawn up being the first step in securing Eyemouth’s long term future.