New ‘Riding of the Bounds’ track is a work in progress

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A musician (bass guitarist and songwriter) is looking to meet other musicians interested in writing and recording original music to celebrate the history, heritage and landscape of the Scottish Borders.

Andrew (Drew) Dempster has recently moved into the Berwick upon Tweed area, and is working on a piece about the annual tradition of Riding of the Berwick Bounds, which passes his home at Mordington Clappers.

“I’m involved with a Yorkshire-based progressive rock group called New England and recently wrote and recorded a song/track entitled ‘From Green to Gold’, which was inspired by the landscape around where I now live,” said Drew.

“The follow-up is a work in progress but is about the ‘Riding of the Bounds.

“Rather than write and record this with New England I thought that it would be really nice to try and find some local musicians to collaborate with,” said Drew.

“I am predominantly a rock musician, the stuff I write is pretty melodic, some of it with a Celtic flavour so I’m told.

“I would be particularly interested in looking to incorporate traditional instruments into future music so my search would not be limited to ‘loud electric instruments’.”

Any musicians in north Northumberland or the Scottish Borders who are interested in collaborating with Drew on his Riding of the Bounds project can contact him on 07837-011889 or email