New policy deals with late enrolment in Borders schools

Donna Manson, director of children's services.
Donna Manson, director of children's services.

A new admissions policy is being introduced into Borders schools to try and minimise disruption caused when pupils are enrolled after the school term starts in August.

Scottish Borders Council’s children’s services have come under pressure from an increasing number of parents enrolling children after the start of the school term. In schools where spaces are limited this can result in having to reorganise classes and create composite classes which in turn often leads to complaints from parents/carers.

“The later on in the term, the more disruptive the move becomes and the greater the number of complaints received from parents/carers,” a report to SBC’s executive committee explained.

The amended admissions policy states that schools would only have to re-composite classes at the request of the director of children and young people’s services for new pupils enrolling after an established census day in September.

The policy also states the minimum number of children that can be moved from one class to another and sets out the criteria applied when making a place available.