New home at Old School House, Ayton gets the go ahead

Five residents who live near the Old School, High Street, Ayton, opposed the development of a house and detached garage on the site - but to no avail.

Earlier this week Scottish Borders Council’s planning and building standards committee approved the plans for the new house in the garden ground of the Old School.

The five households who objected to the building gave 15 reasons why they felt it was inappropriate, including: height, scale, visual impact, overlooking neighbours, loss of privacy, loss of light, incorrect boundary lines, narrow access, increased traffic, road safety, fire safety (services unable to gain access), works access, drainage, backland development and design.

However, in advising councillors that the plans were acceptable, planning officer Lucy Hoad said: “The proposed dwelling is considered to be acceptable in terms of scale, design and materials for this infill site.

“Having taken into account the objections and consultation responses, it is felt that the proposed development is acceptable and would comply with development plan policy.”