New expert joins river managers

Derek Robeson. Senior project officer for Tweed Forum.
Derek Robeson. Senior project officer for Tweed Forum.
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Flood management and maximising the use of land along the River Tweed for food and timber production is the current focus of Tweed Forum and to help them with this they have enlisted the services of Derek Robeson.

Derek worked for 15 years for Border FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) and more recently with SAC Consulting (Scotland’s Rural College).

He has experience of conservation and agricultural matters, a good working knowledge of the Borders landscape, flora, fauna and of the farming community that own and manage the land which should help Tweed Forum work meet Scottish Government targets.

Luke Comins, director of Tweed Forum said: “We are very fortunate to have Derek joining our team. Tweed Forum is currently pushing the boundaries on a number land and water management areas and Derek is very well placed to assist with these endeavours.”

Derek added: “I’m very pleased at the prospect of joining Tweed Forum and working on these agendas.

“Tweed Forum is at the cutting edge of river management and is already demonstrating that by working closely with land managers, it is possible to achieve multiple benefits at the catchment scale.

“The two agendas are very much connected. For example, planting marginal ground in the headwaters can bring many different benefits such as slowing overland flow and increasing infiltration, enhancing the fishery, providing habitat for key species such as otters, as well sequestrating carbon and often increasing the resilience of the farm business in terms of its ability to weather more extreme climatic events.”