New dual zip-wire launched for Foxlake thrill seekers

Scotland's first 'dual' zip wire course opens at Foxlake, Dunbar.
Scotland's first 'dual' zip wire course opens at Foxlake, Dunbar.

Foxlake Adventures, Scotland’s first cable wakeboarding park in Dunbar, celebrates its fifth anniversary with the launch of a fifth outdoor activity this weekend.

Adding to the range of activities thrill seekers can experience at the Dunbar park is the ZipTrail, the country’s first dual zip-wire course, featuring three zones up to 30ft high, with eight obstacles, spanning a combined length of 900m.

Foxlake Adventures began in 2012 with one overhead cable which pulls wakeboards over the lake surface. It now boasts a second wakeboarding cable, Europe’s only above-water harness-free obstacle ropes course, FoxFall, inflatable ringo rides and segways.

The latest addition to the four-star VisitScotland attraction, surrounded by stunning woodland on the edge of the John Muir Way and visited by more than 100,000 participants since opening, is the ZipTrail, which features three zones with 12 dual zip-wires, allowing two people to fly through the woods simultaneously, scheduled to be officially launched on Saturday, July 22.

Foxlake director James Barbour said: “The dual, parallel, zip course, which is the first of its kind in Scotland, is a great addition to the existing thrill-seeking activities for all ages and abilities at our multi-activity hub in Dunbar.”