New CT scanner installed at BGH

A new CT scanner installed at Borders General Hospital will provide quality imaging and improve patient comfort.

The BGH has installed a SOMATOM® Definition AS+ CT Scanner from Siemens Healthcare. The new scanner will introduce cardiac CT services for the first time as well as be used in general CT scanning and trauma work.

Previously patients were required to travel to Edinburgh for cardiac CT services but the new CT installation means those in the Borders will benefit from facilities closer to home.

The new scanner will provide a range of high quality and detailed anatomical imaging.

With a bore diameter of 78cm and table capacity of up to 220kg, it overcomes the traditional CT limitations by facilitating examinations for bariatric or claustrophobic patients.

The system’s high speed and adaptability will also help make the experience more comfortable for patients.

Lesley Wilson, lead radiographer at the BGH, said: “With the added potential to deliver cardiac facilities, the flexibility and adaptability of the scanner is ideally suited to the broad range of CT examinations we carry out at the BGH.

“It increases the services offered to the community and ensures we continue to deliver rapid images of a consistently high quality and means patients can benefit from a more comfortable experience.”