New bus app under trial

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The effects of bus delays in the Borders could soon be greatly reduced thanks to a new phone app powered by passengers.

The ‘GetThereBus’ app, developed for Android devices by 
Aberdeen University and now being trialed in the central Borders, allows passengers to anonymously share their location when travelling on public transport. This lets others know where the bus is.

Developers say the more people actively using the system, the better it will be for everyone.

Even when no-one is sharing information, the app still provides location estimates based on the timetable.

The app is being developed in partnership with First Scotland East’s operations in the Borders.

Operations director John Gorman, said: “We are pleased to be playing a part in the development of such an innovative product. ”

Professor Peter Edwards, who is leading the research, said: “From talking to people in the Borders, we anticipate this app will be particularly useful during disruptions or bad weather.”

The Android app is initially available for the X95/95/95A, 62/62A, 72, 73, 396 and 397 routes in the Borders covering an area of over 2000 square miles, with new routes and features being added in response to user feedback.