New £4M Co-op at Duns

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In a report to Duns Community Council about the proposed new Co-op store, the company has indicated that they would not block the use of the existing store as another food store.

A statement received from the Co-op by Duns Community Council read: “The existing store is to close when a new improved store is provided. At the time planning application is made for the new store a planning application will be made for re-use of the existing store.

“The Co-op would not block the use of the existing premises as another food store.

“The Co-op will incorporate all reasonable measures to ensure pupil and pedestrian safety and that the proposal will not give rise to road safety concerns.

“There will be a number of measures to assist and enable access to the store by the elderly and disabled. A bus stop is located at the site entrance dedicated parking and level access will be provided and the home delivery service will continue.

“The new store is not expected to impact on shopping in the town centre. An impact survey of shopping patterns in Duns and Chirnside has found that 87.10% of the population undertake their main food shopping outwith the Duns catchment area.

“An improved Co-op store would give the population a greater range and choice and allow the introduction of a value range. This would strengthen the town rather than threaten it.

“The proposals for a new Co-op store are the only viable option for the provision of an improved retail store in the town and represent a £4M investment in Duns.”