Network Rail work on Burnmouth flooding

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Network Rail engineers were in Burnmouth last week trying to get to the bottom of flooding issues that affect the road through the village.

Their intention had been to construct a manhole directly onto the culvert that passes under the East Coast main line and allow Scottish Borders Council to connect into it with a new drainage system that should have alleviated the drainage problem which Burnmouth Community Council has long sought a solution to.

However, although Network Rail are convinced there is a culvert there they were unable to locate the upstream end of it, despite digging down six metres below current ground level.

A spokesperson for SBC said this week: “Network Rail still believes the culvert exists, but must be very deep.

“They have undertaken some drainage tests and now intend to install a manhole at a higher level and backfill around it with free draining stone.

“They are still happy for SBC to connect into this Network Rail manhole with a drainage system to remove the current flood risk and SBC will be starting work on the scheme design shortly.”

A Burnmouth community councillor indicated that large quantities of rubble were dumped there when work was undertaken a number of years ago to raise the height of the bridge.

Councillor Michael Cook has been involved in trying to get all parties together to come up with a solution to the problem of the road flooding and he said this week: “The risk of the road flooding should now be reduced.

“What the council will do is make sure surface water on the road drains into the new manhole.”

If the work proves successful it should mean that the landscaping of the Westwinds development in the village can finally get underway and that development completed.

Scottish Borders Council had previously told Burnmouth Community Council: “We are not in a position to require this to be completed due to the ongoing flooding investigations in that area of the site.

“It makes no sense landscaping the area until we are satisfied that we have solved the drainage issues, which will undoubtedly involve further excavation in the area.

“Even if, after the Network Rail investigation shows that there is no scope of connecting to their culvert or drainage system we will still require some excavation work in this area to try and find a way of managing the flooding.”