Negative attitude to wind power refuted

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Wind farm companies have criticised Scottish Borders Council’s stance on wind farms during the consultation process for the region’s new Local Plan.

A number of renewable energy companies, including those already operating wind farms in the area, commented on the Local Plan and described the council’s attitude towards renewable energy schemes as negative.

Reporting to the council this week, SBC’s forward planning manager Mr M Wanless, refuted those claims and suggested there was no need to change the content of the Local Plan which “is founded on the premise of supporting and encouraging sustainable development”.

“Scottish Borders Council does not have a negative stance towards turbines and continues to support many proposals where they are considered appropriate.

“The council is supportive of wind turbines in appropriate areas and has consequently approved many proposals. As a result of these approvals there are several areas where cumulative impact and landscape capacity issues must be addressed.

Cranshaws, Ellemford and Longformacus also responded saying: “There is little capacity in our area for further wind development.”