MSYP outraged at calls for young drivers curfew

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BORDERS Youth Parliament representative Andrew McGowan has expressed his outrage at calls for curfew on young drivers.

The MSYP told The Berwickshire News: “I, like many other young people throughout Scotland, am outraged that Mark McDonald MSP is calling for new drivers aged between 17 and 25 to be subjected to a curfew – banning young people from roads between 11pm and 4am every night. Not only will the proposed scheme see 17-25 year olds banned from roads between 11pm and 4am but we would also be prohibited from carrying passengers in our vehicles and to have no alcohol at all.

“Mark McDonald cannot honestly say it is okay for one group of drivers to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel and not others, is he? It’s discriminatory against young drivers. If you propose completely ban alcohol consumption before driving then ban it for all, not just one age group.

“This is nothing short of discrimination against our young people, as well as completely demonising and misrepresenting young drivers as “boy racers”, reckless and irresponsible.

“These proposals, announced when deaths on the road have reduced by 11%, punish the majority of responsible young drivers and waste police time by forcing patrols to pull drivers over on the suspicion of the crime of being under the age of 24.

“I hope that Mr McDonald’s colleagues in the Scottish Parliament, across party lines, reject any proposal that he has outlined in the last week and that we don’t take any steps towards discriminating or demonising young people.”