MSP wants urges festive support for local traders

BERWICKSHIRE MSP John Lamont has urged residents in the Borders to shop locally this Christmas, instead of buying from online retailers.

UK households are expected to spend over £22billion on Christmas gifts, cards, decorations and food over the coming weeks. With online retailers taking more and more of this money, some local stores have started to struggle.

Mr Lamont commented: “Here in the Borders we have one of the best selection of shops in Scotland available to us. There are hundreds of independent retailers in our towns and villages offering more unique and more high quality products than you can find anywhere else. We are extremely lucky to have them on our doorstep.

“The Christmas period represents a huge economic boost to many retailers across the UK, but more and more people are choosing to do their shopping online. This has meant that some local stores have started to struggle, and if we don’t support them now we risk losing them altogether.

“Thousands of jobs in the Borders are supported by the retail industry, and that’s why I’m encouraging as many Borderers as possible to shop locally this Christmas.”