MSP urges smokers to kick the habit

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Local MSP John Lamont is urging thousands of smokers in the Borders to give up for good on March 13, No Smoking Day.

The annual health campaign, run by the British Heart Foundation, is this year encouraging smokers to focus on the financial benefits of giving up. Approximately one in four Scottish adults currently smoke.

Mr Lamont said: “Smoking is a hugely damaging habit, not only to your health but also to your finances, and that is why I am encouraging as many Borders residents as possible to kick the habit this year.

“This will not only significantly help the health of those who currently smoke in the Borders, but a lot of money can be saved in doing so as well. Those smoking an average of 30 cigarettes a day could save over £11 a day by quitting, which adds up to £78 a week and over £4,000 for a year. This is a significant sum of money, and working out what you could buy with the extra money is a great motivator for giving it up.”