MSP says Scotland’s roads at crisis level

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Borders MSP Rachael Hamilton has received cross party support for a request that the Scottish Parliament help towards road repair costs.

The Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP brought the motion to Parliament last week after the beast from the east left local authorities with hefty bills to repair the damage it did to the roads.

Recent statistics show that: over 25% of the country’s roads are in an unsatisfactory condition; spending on maintenance over the past eight years has reduced by 20%: over £2 million was paid out in pothole-related compensation between 2013-17.

Rachael Hamilton’s motion to the Scottish Parliament said: “Despite efforts by local authorities, including the Scottish Borders Council’s commitment to spend £22 million on roads and bridges, the severe weather has now made repair almost impossible, meaning that Scotland’s roads are now facing a crisis.”

Following the debate Ms Hamilton added: “Scottish Borders Council has committed to repairing our roads, but the beast from the east has meant it can no longer do it alone. It is time for the Government to step up and lend a hand.”