MSP calls for an end to fishing cuts

BERWICKSHIRE MSP John Lamont has called on the EU to stop cuts to the number of days that Scottish fishermen can spend at sea.

It comes ahead of annual talks in Brussels later this month that will determine what fishermen are able to catch, and how many days they have to fish.

Despite cuts to the number of days at sea in recent years fishermen around Scotland are facing a further cut in the amount of time allowed, despite widespread recognitions that this would be unsustainable for many fleets.

Mr Lamont said: “Fishermen on the Berwickshire coast have been forced to operate on increasingly tough schedules in recent years. Not only have they had to operate through a recession, they have also had to deal with the EU cutting fishing quotas and the number of days they are allowed at sea.

“Fishing fleets from Eyemouth and around Scotland have been struggling with these quotas and any further cuts would severely hamper their ability to continue to make a profit.

“That is why it is more important than ever for these fisheries negotiations to result in no further cuts when they take place later this month.”