MP takes his time about deal Brexit

After a turbulent week for the Tory party in Westminster, Borders Conservative MP John Lamont is taking his time in coming to a decision about the latest Brexit draft agreement.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 3:00 pm
Borders MP John Lamont in Westminster.
Borders MP John Lamont in Westminster.

The draft EU Withdrawal Agreement published by the UK Government and European Union last Wednesday, a 600 page highly technical document intended to be a bridge to the permanent basis of our relationship with the EU after we leave, saw Ministers resigning and the possibility of the Prime Minister being toppled.

Criticising the ‘knee-jerk’ reaction of others, Mr Lamont chose to take a similar course of action to the majority of the Scottish Tory MPs - to consult in detail about how this agreement will affect residents and businesses in the Borders.

Mr Lamont said: “While some politicians had a knee-jerk reaction to this deal, I have been carefully considering the agreement in detail before coming to a view as to whether it delivers for my constituents.

“Deciding whether or not to support this deal will be one of the biggest decisions MPs will ever make. I will not be rushed or forced into reaching a position. My priority is to ensure that we get a Brexit deal that works for the Scottish Borders, for Scotland and for the whole of the United Kingdom. “My initial reaction is that having a deal on the table to scrutinise is in itself a huge achievement, which brings long called for clarity for businesses and for EU citizens. However, I do have a number of concerns: the provisions on rights to fish in UK territorial waters and around the Northern Ireland backstop arrangement.

“Over the coming days, I will be looking closely at how this agreement will affect businesses and residents in the Borders before coming to a view about whether I can support it.”

“ I have already received many emails, but would encourage constituents to get in touch or complete my survey.”