MP supports new drug law

Borders MP John Lamont.
Borders MP John Lamont.

Borders MP John Lamont has supported calls for tougher sentences for supplying fentanyl, a drug 50 times stronger than heroin.

Police in the Borders have warned of the risk of fentanyl overdose after a “small but concerning” number of drug users were admitted to hospital in December last year. The drug is so dangerous that tiny quantities are enough to be fatal.

A debate in the House of Commons this week called for ‘Robert’s Law’ to be introduced, named after 18 year-old Robert Fraser who died in 2016 after being given fentanyl: one of more than 100 deaths from illegal fentanyl use.

The drug can be prescribed legally as a painkiller for the terminally ill, but remains a Class A drug. Campaigners are now calling for the law to reflect the danger of the drug and for sentences for supplying to be strengthened.

Mr Lamont said: “We’re already seeing this dangerous drug in the Borders and while no fatalities have occurred, the police are clearly concerned about its growing use. This campaign has been driven by a mother who just wants to stop other parents having to go through the loss of a child. While fentanyl is classified as Class A, it is significantly more dangerous than many other Class A drugs. Dealers are attracted to this drug because it’s cheap and potent and can be sent in small packages.”

“We need to take action to stop this deadly substance becoming more prevalent and send a message that dealing it will simply not be tolerated.”