MP Moore’s Aid Bill becomes law

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This week Borders MP, Michael Moore saw his bill to enshrine in law UK aid spending at 0.7% of national income receive Royal Assent and become an Act of Parliament.

The Act secures UK aid spending at the UN target of at least 0.7% of national income and requires that the Secretary of State make arrangements for the independent evaluation of the aid spend.

It will ensure that the UK continues to provide lifesaving aid to the poorest people in the world. Through UK aid, every two seconds, a child in a developing country is vaccinated against deadly diseases and our aid has given 10.2 million children the chance to go school. 0.7% was a commitment that was made in the 2010 manifestos of all the three major parties and after 40 years since the target was first agreed, the UK has now enshrined the commitment into law through Mr Moore’s Bill.

Mr Moore said: “It has been such a privilege to pilot this Bill through Parliament because enshrining our aid spend in law will ensure we continue to save lives and change lives throughout the developing world.

“Today, through my Bill, we have kept our promise to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. The Liberal Democrats committed to enshrine 0.7% into legislation and now we have honoured this.

“As a nation, we can be extremely proud that the UK continues to lead the way on international development. British aid makes a huge difference to millions by lifting them out of poverty, preventing hunger and treatable illnesses as well as getting more children into education.

“I want to thank my constituents, NGOs and my colleagues in Parliament who have supported my efforts to pass this Bill to secure UK aid for the future.”

The Turn Up Save Lives Coalition said: “Today marks a historic achievement. The UK has honoured a promise made over forty years ago and the new legislation will now allow the Department of International Development to plan for effective, long term investments, improving value for money for the taxpayer.

“Enshrining the commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on foreign aid into law will provide a long term commitment.”