MP meets with Ofcom over mobile coverage

WITh mobile users in Hawick now experiencing similar problems to those which frustrated Vodafone customers in Coldstream two years ago local politicians are pushing for better mobile coverage for the whole of the Borders.

In 2010, Coldstream Vodafone customers who used their mobile phones for either personal or business use were without signal for well over a week, with John Lamont MSP himself one of those affected, meaning he was unable to send or receive emails or make or receive calls on his Blackberry.

Vodafone blamed a “third party fault” with the connection to the town for the poor service and Mr Lamont urged those who were affected to push for compensation from the network.

And now after Vodafone customers in Hawick were plunged into the same predicament, Michael Moore has met with senior Ofcom representatives to push for a better service.

He commented: “In this digital age, mobile phones are an essential part of life and it is extremely unfair that people in rural areas are not being provided with a decent service or sometimes any service at all.

“The UK Government has committed £150 million to improve signal across the country and, along with the forthcoming spectrum auction, there is a real possibility that coverage in rural areas could be dramatically improved.”