MP Calum takes to the kitchen to back finest Scotch lamb

MP Calum Kerr is putting his name behind Scottish lamb after agreeing to become a 'Lambassador'.
MP Calum Kerr is putting his name behind Scottish lamb after agreeing to become a 'Lambassador'.

MP Calum Kerr has been cooking up a scheme to boost Scottish meat – by taking to the kitchen and making a delicious meal with local lamb.

The Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk politician is putting his name behind the Scotch product after agreeing to become a “Lambassador” for the trade organisation Quality Meat Scotland and its latest promotion campaign.

Calum – who is also the SNP’s lead Westminster spokesperson on the environment, food and rural affairs - took home a finest local rack of lamb to roast and serve to his family. They all declared the end result delicious.

“I wouldn’t claim to be the world’s best chef, but it really was spectacularly good,” he said afterwards.

“My wife and kids loved it, though I’d put that down more to the fantastic quality of the meat than my culinary genius!”

The campaign is designed to promote Scotch lamb’s PGI – Protected Geographical Indication – logo. This guarantees a quality authentic product to consumers.

“As I found, great tasting lamb dishes don’t have to be complicated or take hours to make,” Calum added

“When you need a meal in minutes, Scotch lamb PGI is the perfect quick and easy option.

“The label and logo guarantee that it’s been sourced from selected Scottish farms which meet stringent criteria regarding animal welfare, feeds and natural production methods. Only approved farms and processors based in Scotland can produce Scotch lamb PGI.

“It also helps consumers to support their local farmers, both here in the Borders and elsewhere. It’s a great idea and I’m delighted to have played my part in promoting it – and to have enjoyed a great meal into the bargain!”