Motorist caught driving at 104mph near Greenlaw

In the same week that the Scottish Government launched a new campaign urging drivers not to take unnecessary risks on rural roads, a motorist was caught driving at 104mph in Berwickshire.

The 32 year old man from Blyth was detected by police on the A697 near Greenlaw on Friday, March 2, driving 44mph faster than the allowed limit for the stretch of road.

He was charged and a report was sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

The incident occurred less than 24 hours after the Government launched a new campaign with Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) encouraging drivers to consider how they can reduce their ‘risk factor’ on country roads.

Statistics show that three out of four road fatalities occur on Scotland’s country roads, resulting in an average of 190 deaths per year.

Risk-taking is strongly related to gender and age, and the riskiest drivers on Scotland’s roads are men under 45.

Three quarters of those killed on rural roads are males, and one third are young drivers aged between 17-25.

Growing sick of Borders drivers failure to heed repeated warnings, Lothian and Borders Police are also clamping down on those willing to take a risk behind the wheel.

In the space of just over a week, from Friday, February 24 to Saturday, March 3, 11 drivers in the region were charged with road traffic offences.

The man caught driving over 100mph in Greenlaw was just one of a number of offenders caught in Berwickshire.

On February 24 police seized a motor vehicle in Duns after it was identified the driver had no insurance; on March 3 a 32-year-old male from Duns was charged and had his vehicle seized after it was established he did not have a driving license.

And in a separate incident in the area a 36-year-old male from Hull was charged with drink driving after being found asleep in his vehicle. He provided a reading three times the legal limit.

Sharing his disappointment at the number of drivers still flouting the law- also including a 15 year old from Hawick charged with stealing and driving away a vehicle without consent- Roads Policing Sergeant Brian Jones said: “Over the past week officers across the division have been carrying out patrols of town centres and rural roads.

“These patrols have led to 11 people being charged with various road traffic offences.

“Local police are committed to making the roads within the Scottish Borders as safe as we can for motorists.

“It is very discouraging that despite repeated messages going out to motorists, some continue to ignore them and drive at excessive speed, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, use a mobile phone whilst driving, not wearing a seatbelt, or not properly securing children within vehicles.

“By driving in such a manner, they are not only putting their own lives at risk, but are also risking the lives of other road users”.

“This is yet another reminder to motorists warning them that me and my colleagues will be out patrolling our roads and be assured, if people choose to ignore our messages, you will get caught.”