Motorcycle success

FIVE pupils from Eyemouth High School recently successfully completed an exciting and challenging course with the Bridge Centre Motorcycle Project (BCMP) in Haddington.

For eight successive Wednesdays the second and third year pupils worked hard in the mornings on individual targets to improve their education and tackled group work activities, then in the afternoon they were rewarded with time on the off-road training motorcycles.

The pupils learned all about wearing the correct clothing, looking after their bike and also how to ride them safely.

Most of the boys were initially a little timid and uncertain but as the weeks went by their confidence grew and with the support from staff and each other the riding and attitude greatly improved.

Certificates were awarded as follows: David Johnston - Silver Award; Dan McNally - Basic Gold Award; Josh Robb - Advanced Bronze Award; Connor Tait - Silver Award; Shaun Wilson - Advanced Bronze Award.

The boys and staff would like to thank Rowan, Wes and Chris at BCMP for their professionalism, patience, good humour and hard work.

Thanks also go to LEADER, funders of this particular project.