More short-stay car parking for Berwick

Barracks car park
Barracks car park

Berwick town councillors have called for short-stay parking to be introduced in some of Berwick’s all-day car parks.

The Parade, Coxon’s Lane, Hatters Lane and Quayside are the main suggestions put forward by Berwick Town Council.

They had been asked to come up with recommendations as part of Northumberland County Council’s consultation into parking in the town.

Temporary planning permission is currently being sought by the county council for continued use of the Castlegate overflow car park.

Town councillors said this was essential and would provide a long-term parking area for workers displaced from The Parade, Hatters Lane and Coxon’s Lane.

They also called on county council officers to investigate the possibility of turning the waste ground on Walkergate back into parking.

There was support from town councillors for investigating how to provide extra parking at the railway station, Councillor Hazel Bettison called on multi-storey car park plans to be revived or parking north of the platform. But councillors opposed extending the quayside car park.