More money to tackle potholes

TRANSPORT Scotland’s operating companies will carry out a blitz on potholes on major routes including the A1 in Berwickshire, following the allocation of an extra £2 million to tackle the problem.

The funding, announced by Cabinet Secretary John Swinney earlier this week, will be split between the the four trunk road operating contracts, managed by Amey, BEAR, who are responsible for the A1, and Scotland Transerv and will be allocated on the basis of need, condition and length of networks.

Work will begin immediately and Mr Swinney commented: “Well maintained transport networks are vital to the vigour of Scotland’s economy and prosperity. The winter has caused a lot of defects on our national roads. This additional £2 million will enable our operating companies to repair much more potholes and larger areas of damage in the coming weeks and follows the previous allocation of an additional £2 million earlier in the winter.”