Moore urges protection of River Tweed

Michael Moore MP in Selkirk Market Square.
Michael Moore MP in Selkirk Market Square.

Local MP Michael Moore says the Scottish Government must take care to “avoid vandalising the Tweed” as it prepares to reform the management of river fisheries.

Following the “Wild Fisheries Review” carried out last year, Mr Moore has worked closely with Tweed Commission representatives on their concerns about the future governance of the Tweed.

In particular, commissioners are worried about suggestions which they fear could centralise and standardise river management across Scotland. They believe this would risk overturning the unique cross border management arrangements which help maintain the River Tweed as Europe’s most important salmon fishery.

Mr Moore met with River Tweed Commissioners in December and has since been corresponding with Scottish Ministers ahead of the formal consultation which is scheduled for the spring.

Mr Moore said: “With a draft Wild Fisheries Bill due by the end of this Scottish Parliamentary session, we need to continue to make the case against ill-conceived changes on the Tweed as a matter of priority. This highly complex river system delivers much for the Borders, Scotland and the UK.”