Moore urges fair deal for drug victims

SBBN-26-03-15 Thalidomide Germany Michael Moore
SBBN-26-03-15 Thalidomide Germany Michael Moore

Local MP Michael Moore led a delegation of MPs and Thalidomide campaigners to the German Embassy this week.

He was urging the German Government to give Thalidomiders a fair hearing in their campaign for justice.

Mr Moore took part in the delegation alongside constituent, Stevie Sinclair. At the meeting, MPs and Thalidomiders made the case for the German Government to provide financial support for Thalidomiders as their conditions worsen with age.

Fifty years ago, thousands of pregnant women in the UK took the drug Thalidomide, manufactured by German company Grunenthal, to ease morning sickness. As a result, their babies were severely disabled or stillborn. Ever since, those affected have campaigned for compensation from Grunenthal and the German Government.

Mr Moore said: “For over fifty years, those affected by the Thalidomide tragedy have been campaigning for fair compensation and it is an absolute disgrace that justice has still not been served.

“I welcome the Coalition Government’s move to introduce a Health Grant for Thalidomiders but as their medical needs become more serious, the team are calling for additional support from the German Government.

“I was pleased to be able to lead the delegation today alongside Stevie. He lives with daily pain as a result of his disabilities and I want to see him and the hundreds of others, receive the support they need, especially as they get older.”

Stevie Sinclair said: “It was a positive meeting with significant progress made. I am extremely grateful for the help and support received.”