Moderators visit

Moderator Rt Rev John Chalmers aboard Eyemouth lifeboat
Moderator Rt Rev John Chalmers aboard Eyemouth lifeboat

The Right Reverend John Chalmers, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was the special guest of Duns Presbytery this week.

The Moderator and his wife Elizabeth, arrived on Monday and their visit culminated on Tuesday evening with a special Easter event at Duns Parish Church. On Monday the Moderator and Mrs Chalmers played at Eyemouth Golf Club before visiting the lifeboat at Eyemouth harbour.

Rev and Mrs Chalmers then travelled by lifeboat to St Abb’s Head to see the nature reserve and also visited Coldingham Priory to see around the Priory and share afternoon tea with members of the congregation.

On Tuesday they visited Lanark Lodge, the centre in Duns for people with learning difficulties, and in the afternoon they were special guests at Duns Parish Church Children’s Easter event which was arranged by the Rev Stephen Blakey, Moderator of Duns Presbytery.

In the evening, at Duns Parish Church, there was a Presbytery Celebration on the theme of “A celebration of the life and work of Duns Presbytery, past present and future” encompassing the awarding of long service certificates, cameo presentations of what is going on today, and the Moderator’s vision for the future.