Minister contests East Berwickshire ward

Ken Webb with Michael Moore MP
Ken Webb with Michael Moore MP

the Rev Dr Ken Webb, priest-in-charge of Christ Church Duns with pastoral oversight of St. Ebba’s Eyemouth, announced to his congregation on Sunday that he has been selected by the Liberal Democrats to stand as their candidate in East Berwickshire in the forthcoming Scottish Borders Council elections this May.

Ken Webb said: “Having trained and worked for many years as a medical practitioner before being ordained as a church minister the whole focus of my life has been in caring for people.

“Now, having been a church minister in Berwickshire for the past ten years, I feel the time has come for me to use those gifts, skills and experience for the benefit of the people in the wider community.

“So when I was invited to stand for election it seemed a natural next step to take.

“Over the years I have got to know many friends in East Berwickshire and latterly I also had some pastoral responsibility there and so have become familiar with the area and the needs of the people who live there.

I believe passionately that devolution should not only be from Westminster to Holyrood, nor just from Holyrood to local councils, but also from local councils to the area committees in each ward.

“I would like to see a better integration of care services to the elderly, just as there has begun to be for the youth.

“I would like to see local businesses supported and thriving.

“I would like to find creative ways to improve public transport.”

Alec Nicol, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat councillors at SBC, welcoming Ken into the team of 12 Liberal Democrat candidates standing at the council elections in May, said:    

“ The people of East Berwickshire now have a candidate who will work tirelessly to represent all parts of the Ward.  

“Ken is already deeply involved in working with people across the county and he is very committed to maintaining and delivering the public services that local people deserve to have. “

Borders MP and Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore MP said:“Ken is a well respected figure in Berwickshire who would be an excellent councillor.

“His commitment to and knowledge of community issues is second to none and I will be supporting him enthusiastically in the council election campaign.”