Merry-go-round continues

Caroline Burgess
Caroline Burgess

Political musical chairs continues in Berwickshire this week as parties look for both Westminster and Scottish Parliament candidates.

When John Lamont resigned his Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire Scottish Parliament seat to fight for the Berwickshire, Roxburgh, Selkirk seat at Westminster in the June 8 general election it has had a snowball effect.

The Scottish Parliament by-election it created has so far resulted in Conservative South of Scotland MSP Rachael Hamilton resigning as a list MSP so that she can fight for the Scottish Parliament constituency seat.

Another knock-on effect of the by-election is that Catriona Bhatia, confirmed last week as the Liberal Democrat candidate to fight the Westminster seat, has been replaced because she will now stand for the Scottish Parliament constituency seat.

Catriona’s place has been taken by Caroline Burgess, who will now contest the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk seat at the general election.

A mum of two currently working for the NHS, Caroline, 36, has called on the Borders to reject the politics of division between the Tories and nationalists and back a candidate who represents ordinary people.

The Liberal Democrats and Liberals before them held the seat for over 50 years until 2015, and Caroline says she is relishing the opportunity to attempt to win it back for the party.

And so the political merry-go-round goes on.