Members needed for community council to get back in business

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SCOTTISH Borders Council have issued a rallying call for residents to stand for Edrom, Allanton and Whitsome Community Council after a petition suggested people would like to see it back in business after a two year hiatus.

The community council was dissolved in May 2009 when membership fell below the required minimum of five.

However following a petition from 20 local residents, Scottish Borders Council is now calling for nominations from local electors for new community councillors.

Former member Ian Jarvie, one of the men responsible for starting the petition, said he was sad to see the community council fold and although he would be happy to assist if needed, added that he wouldn’t be standing for election this time around.

He commented: “The biggest disadvantage of not having a community council in the area is that there’s been no-one to scrutinise any big planning applications.

“Myself and Alan Dewar, the former chair and secretary, still get phone calls from people with gripes they’d like to raise with the council but we have to tell them that we’re not in a position to act.

“The fact that we’ve got 20 signatures would suggest the interest is there for the community council to return but whether or not everyone who signed the petition will stand for election is another issue.

“I won’t be standing as both myself and Alan think it’s time for some new blood to take responsibility.”

Alan echoed these sentiments and added: “I hope the community council gets going again.

“The local SBC councillors need the grass roots of community councils to keep abreast of what’s going on.

“It’s a necessary part of local government.”

Nominations opened yesterday, February 16, and close at midday on Tuesday, March 8.

Nomination forms are available by phoning Clare Malster on 01835 826626, from The Ark, Whitsome, or from the SBC website