Means tested care charges on the way

Life for many elderly people in the region is very confusing at the moment - their care being provided by an new organsiation and many also facing new charges for services they need.

The council’s arms-length company will take over at the same time as SBC starts moving service users over to Self Directed Support (SDS) and means testing for services.

SDS is a new way of delivering social care and support to give people more choice and control over how their care needs are met, and the council has already organised 260 such packages over the past year.

Those receiving care services from SBC have received letters telling them: “A contribution towards the services you receive will be worked out by a financial assessment of your income.

“This change will be phased alongside Self-Directed Support between April 2015 and January 2017.”

The letter goes one: “All people who use our services will contribute towards the cost of the service they use on the basis of their income and assets; this will be done through a financial assessment.”

Assessments, which begin this month, take into account income, savings, and capital.

In the meantime new rates will be charged for a number of services from April 1: day care increases from £2 to £3 per day; transport to day care goes up from £1 to £2 per return journey; Bordercare Alarm up from £2.50 to £3 per week.

New charges: Housing with Care - a new service supporting people to live independently with support and care over a typical 15 hour period (7am–10pm), seven days per week at £27.60 per week, or £55.20 per week for people with capital over £26,000; night support services - £10 a week admin fee; equipment - £10 per order and £25 fitting and maintenance.