Meal times give us food for thought

Getting the right food for your pet is so important.
Getting the right food for your pet is so important.

Walk into any pet shop or pet store these days and you will be confronted with an enormous array of different products and brands.

This market is worth billions and, just like for people, the marketing departments have been very busy convincing you that their products are the right ones for your pets. TV advertising along with all other media avenues regularly feature products for the most popular pets in Britain, namely cats and dogs.

At our centre in Earlston we have a constantly changing variety of animals coming into our care so we try to use a ‘base’ to their food that comprises of a plain dry complete food. The hope is that it will be suitable to the majority.

With so many different animals that we look after, the food that they eat needs to be constantly monitored to make sure that it is compatible and is providing the animal with all it needs to maintain a healthy life.

I’m sure that most of you won’t have the number of pets that we have but the job is still the same but finding the food that is right for your dog or cat is, perhaps, not as simple as it sounds.

The pet’s age, size, weight, health and constitution all need to be taken into account. We would always advise that you speak to your vet on your next visit to discuss your pet’s diet.

Just like people, cats and dogs vary considerably but you can be sure that there is a product out there that suits yours. Foods are available for urinary problems, gastro issues, skin conditions, weight management to name but a few.

Huge variations in price, weight for weight, exist in the market but we can make no comment on which would be best for you. Condition of coat, skin and, importantly, the stools can be good indicators of how well your pet is doing on the food you are using.

Because food for our pets is such an important part of their life and overall health we believe that seeking advice from your vet makes real sense. There are a bewildering amount of different types and brands. Naturally they all want you to buy theirs. Vets can advise on optimal levels of various proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins based on their knowledge of your particular pet. They would be happy to help.