Mark Thomas gets a dissenting point over

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Mark Thomas brought his trademark brand of agitprop comedy to the Maltings last week.

And the assembled crowd certainly got plenty of bang for their buck - as well as Thomas’ regular exhortations to donate to good causes.

The simplicity of the show, in which Thomas vows to commit ‘100 Acts of Minor Dissent’ allowed him to veer in a charmingly ramshackle manner through his interpretations of dissent.

He threw himself into it with glee, so much so that he even had to change his shirt during the interval.

The evening wasn’t just a listing of his misdeeds though. At times, the veteran comedian was equal parts amiability and righteous anger - swinging between Lenny Bruce and Bruce Forsyth.

So for many the funniest part of the show dealt with the internal ‘politics’ of the Thomas family,including Mark’s daughter getting up petitions to strong arm her father into buying her a dog.

Also particularly endearing was his glee in even his smaller-scale nefarious schemes, whether that was printing off sarcastic stickers to ‘relabel’ bookshops or provoking the policemen involved in the absurd task of returning him his police files.

At times that material got close to being serious, such as when - another high point (or low, depending on your politics) - Thomas sets out to create a calendar of police who abuse an imaginary law whereby they cannot be photographed by the public.

And if there were any doubters who had Thomas down as all talk, the closing montage at the end of the show, of police pics and manipulated book stickers,proved that he had actually been up to his old tricks.