Making Eyemouth a better place for everyone to live

Eyemouth Community Counil met with  roads officers and SBC councillors to discuss the dangers of the A1 junctions
Eyemouth Community Counil met with roads officers and SBC councillors to discuss the dangers of the A1 junctions

Eyemouth Town Community Council has come a long way in four years and is proud of its achievements and as an election looms they are looking for new blood.

Acting as a link between Eyemouth residents and Scottish Borders Council and other local groups such as Eyemouth Development Trust etc, the community council aims to go on making Eyemouth a vibrant go-ahead coastal town but to do so it needs people who want to see it succeed and who are willing to play their part.

Next month community councillors will stand down, and a number are not seeking re-election this time around, so the hunt is on for community-minded people in Eyemouth to step up to the plate.

Current chairman, Barbara Prater said: “Successful results include the recycling centre alteration to allow easier access, grassed areas protected from parked vehicles, road surface improvements near older people’s homes, unsightly bus shelter removed, dog waste bags supplied, standardised parking regulations in all the town’s car parks and updated welcome signage on the A1107.

“Throughout our time as a community council we have been attempting to form a resilient community group within the town and we finally have enough volunteers, so plans are now underway to organise Eyemouth as an SBC resilient community.

“The community council is the voice of Eyemouth - it has the power to get things done.

“There are people who may have moved into town or who have lived in the town but don’t realise they have something to offer. It’s not just about talking about things, its about making your town a better place for everyone.”

The community council was instrumental in setting up The Avenue area of the town as a ‘No Cold Caller’ zone, delivering 318 packs to households in the area which is the nearest residential part of the town to the A1 and often the first to be hit by cold callers.

Urging people to consider putting themselves forward for the community council, Barbara added: “As a community councillor you will have a say in what happens in Eyemouth and the exciting plans for its future.”

Nomination forms are available from June 30, with more information on the Community Council website.