MacEwen clan- chief-in-waiting

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Five years after been selected as Clan MacEwen commander, Sir John McEwen who lives at Polwarth near Duns, stands on the brink of being appointed clan chief - a role that has been vacant for 527 years.

John is the 5th Baronet of Marchmont and Bardrochat, after his grandfather, Uncle Jamie, father Robin and brother James, and according to the Clan Ewen Society chairman Sean McCuin they are satisfied with his fulfilment of the role of clan commander over the past five years and the next step is to petition the Lord Lyon Court to have a coat of arms of the name be matriculated, and recognise Sir John as chief of the name.

Acknowledging that he has no particular qualification to be a clan chief John said that he would love to see the clans play a full and active part in the life of modern Scotland and play his part in it.

John, who is chair of Duns Players and an actor and writer, said: “I am aware that the present is the history of the future, and that if, as I hope, the clans do have a part to play in the life of 21st-century Scotland, then this time, when we finally get a chief, will come to seem a significant moment in our history. And, most importantly, will signal the time when Berwickshire becomes, officially, MacEwen country, because this is where the chief lives.”

Should John be named as clan chief it would give the MacEwens a seat on the standing council of Scottish chiefs, recognising the clan as independent and autonomous. It would also give focus for clan unity throughout Scotland and the rest of the world.