Lucky Heather has her landscape art published

Having cross stitched her way into the Royal family’s affections, Gavinton’s Heather Gibson has turned her hand to art and has proved to be rather good at that as well.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 14th February 2014, 6:45 am
Heather Gibson with her thank youl etter from Buckingham Palace and a selection of her cross stitch
Heather Gibson with her thank youl etter from Buckingham Palace and a selection of her cross stitch

Heather received letters of thanks from the Royal household firstly for her needlework to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and then last year after she produced a Beatrix Potter-inspired sampler for Prince George.

But while she hasn’t put her love for crossstitch to bed, her latest success comes from the ends of a paint brush rather than the tip of a needle.

Despite not yet having a solo exhibition to her name, Heather’s landscape paintings have had a whole book dedicated to them.

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Many musicians can credit social networking sites for being discovered but Heather never imagined uploading a few of her landscapes on Twitter would lead to anything.

“I’d had a few compliments on facebook about my work but when a Welsh-based firm got in touch with me saying they’d see some paintings on Twitter and wanted to publish a book of them I was stunned,” she exclaimed.

“It was way too good an opportunity to turn down. It can be really hard to get a break in the art world.”

Heather’s book- ‘Scenes and Greens’, features 30 of her landscapes ranging from Highland views, one of which she chose for the front cover, to the paintings of the Lammermuirs which Heather doesn’t have to travel very far at all to see.

“It’s easy to be inspired by your surroundings; I just want to capture how beautiful places can look.

“I love Northumberland with its coastline and its castle but then also they views I can get from my house.”

While it may be her art that is getting the most attention at the moment, Heather, who also has to juggle her hobbies with a job with Seton Care, said she still had plenty of time for her crossstitch.

“I’ve always loved art and I have done since school.

“I just love the creative processes that are involved, you can go to wherever you want to go with your imagination.

“I do a lot of sketching when I’m off work.

“Before I got the book offer the most I’d done with my art was submit something for a Berwickshire Art Society show but now I’m really keen to have my own exhibition.

“And of course I still have time for my crossstitch - I do both simultaneously.”

*Heather’s book ‘Scenes and Greens’ will be available on Amazon shortly.