Low flying exercises planned

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THE Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a major low flying exercise will take place across the Scottish Borders and Northumberland throughout this month.

From Sunday, July 10 to Thursday, July 21, a ‘large scale’ exercise will take place across Scotland and northern England, according to the MoD website.

The exercise will involve up to 30 aircraft as part of a combined qualified weapons instructor course.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway will also be used later in the month, from Friday, July 22 to Friday, July 29 in a smaller exercise using Lynx helicopters, flying out from RAF Leeming.

A month-long exercise using live fire has been taking place in the Otterburn ranges since the end of June, with military aircraft using neigbouring low flying areas during this exercise.

The low flying area covering the Borders is described by the MoD as being ‘good for low flying training’ as it contains ‘challenging terrain’ and ‘for the most part, is sparsely populated’.

For low flying details see www.mod.uk