Loving new home for Chance at last!

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THE Scottish SPCA’s longest serving rescue pet has finally found a loving new home - 18 months after arriving in the charity’s care.

Chance, a five year old Staffordshire bull terrier, was constantly overlooked by prospective owners but is now in a new home following a local appeal.

Debbie Innes, manager of the charity’s Scottish Borders Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Mellerstain, said, “Unfortunately, staffies tend to take longer to find new homes than other breeds.

“At any one time about 40% of the dogs in our centres are staffies due to the unfair reputation they’ve got as being aggressive when they are actually by nature very friendly and gentle.

“Most of our animals only spend a couple of months at the most in our care before finding new homes but Chance spent around a year and a half at our centre in Dumbarton, which is longer than any of our rescue animals have ever taken to find a home.

“Despite a number of public appeals for a home, nobody seemed to want him, but we never gave up and we don’t put healthy animals to sleep so we moved him to our Borders Centre at Mellerstain to try his luck in another area.

“We tried yet another appeal and this time, thankfully, it worked.

“He’s now in a fantastic new home and we couldn’t be happier for him.”

New owner Angie Stockton, from Lockerbie, said, “We’d had a staffie before and were looking for another one so when found out about Chance we thought he was perfect as we didn’t want a puppy and he needed a new home. People can’t believe that he took so long to get a home as he’s such a friendly dog who greets everyone he meets with a big lick!”

Anyone interested in rehoming an animal or wishing to donate to or join the Scottish SPCA can visit scottishspca.org or telephone 03000 999 999.