Lost treasures unveiled at Coldstream Museum

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HAVE you ever wondered what to do if you find a 3000 year-old spearhead when digging in your garden?

This is exactly what happened near Kirk Yetholm in early 2010.

The spearhead was awarded to Scottish Borders Council Museums Service by the Treasure Trove Panel and will be the highlight of a new exhibition at Coldstream Museum now running until Sunday, August 21.

Councillor Graham Garvie, SBC’s executive member for culture, sport and community learning, said: “The spearhead was a find of national importance and it is very exciting that it has been entrusted to Scottish Borders Council Museums Service for its future guardianship.

“We hope that displaying the spearhead in exhibitions such as this will raise awareness of how much the archaeology of the Borders can teach us about our past.”

Displayed alongside this important find will be other treasures unearthed in the Borders by archaeologists and amateurs alike which have added to our understanding of the area from prehistory through to the medieval period. Some of these items have been acquired through the Treasure Trove Scheme which states that all finds in Scotland (barring Victorian and 20th Century coins) should be reported to the Treasure Trove Unit for assessment.

If you would like to see everything from prehistoric pottery, through to items left by the Romans at Trimontuim or an early medieval bell found in Ednam, get along to Treasures Lost and Found at Coldstream Museum and find out more. Entrance to the exhibition is free.