Lorry caused cellar roof to collapse in Coldstrean

Bollards outside Coldstream Post Office
Bollards outside Coldstream Post Office
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Coldstream High Street’s sinking pavement is about to be fixed and the bollards and barriers that have frustrated drivers for months will soon be gone.

Some of the houses along the High Street have cellars running underneath the pavement and last year the roof of one of the cellars collapsed when it couldn’t take the weight of a heavy lorry.

Scottish Borders Council put up bollards and barriers to prevent vehicles driving or parking there while they had discussions with the householder about who should foot the bill and what was the best way forward to repair the damage.

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council said: “The footway was damaged by an unknown lorry last year.

“Underneath the footway there are cellars and the roof of one cellar just couldn’t take the weight of the vehicle. As we couldn’t trace the vehicle responsible we have had difficulty in determining who should be carrying out the repair work and it was only earlier in the summer that a decision was taken that the council would have to carry this out.

“Discussions then took place with the adjacent resident to determine whether to retain the cellar or brick it up and fill it in and only last week an agreement was reached to retain the cellar as it is.

“As part of our repair works we will also be installing bollards along this section of footway to prevent vehicles mounting the footway in the area where there are cellars underneath.”

“We appreciate that the temporary barriers have been an inconvenience to road and footway users at this location for some time and we are grateful to the Coldstream community for their patience during this time.”

Repair work is expected to start next month.

Coldstream & District Community Council chairman, Martin Brims said: “I’m delighted that a mutually agreeable solution has been reached.

“The residents of Coldstream will understandably be keen to see the High Street return to normal. Although it has taken some considerable time to reach this point, I am grateful to SBC’s asset management team for providing informative updates throughout, and I appreciate that there were some complex issues to be dealt with.

“I am sure that all those involved would join me in thanking the residents of Coldstream for the exceptional patience they have shown while possible solutions were being explored.”