Duns Sport Complex host a 'try a sport day' where skuba diving was one of the alternative activities to trial
Duns Sport Complex host a 'try a sport day' where skuba diving was one of the alternative activities to trial

25 years ago

▼ AS was widely predicted Mrs Thatcher fired the starting gun on Monday for a General Election on June 11. A June election, in the light of good Conservative results in the English district elections last Thursday, comes as no surprise to local political activists. The Conservative candidate is Dr Liam Fox a 25 year-old General Practitioner from East Kilbride. A great debator Dr Fox won the World Debating Competition’s Individual Speaker’s Prize in Toronto, 1982.

▼ THE skeleton of a young girl, believed to be a murder victim more than 550 years ago, were uncovered while members of an archaeological project were excavating Eyemouth’s medieval rubbish dump the Rottendub. Berwickshire District Council’s Environmental Services Committee have recommended that the burial charge be waived to allow the skeleton to be buried in Eyemouth Graveyard. Members agreed with Mr Rhind’s request and the local Presbytery are to be contacted.

▼ LOTHIAN and Borders Police together with the Department of Transport are set to launch the first major Scottish campaign against vehicle tax dodgers who are estimated to be costing Britain £100 million per year.

50 years ago

▼ PARENTS and girl friends of men serving in the King’s Own Scottish Borderers and the Royal Scots at Berwick were guests of the Army last week. A highy successful ‘parents visit’ was held. Mothers, fathers and sweethearts took part in special shooting competitions, were able to watch drill movements by a team of young recruits, and saw a typical Army exercise under way.

The news that the Berwick Town Hall Butter Market is opening again after 23 years - it was closed because of rationing during the war - should be interesting to Berwick housewives. Women’s Institue members who are running the market stall will have a busy time serving fresh fruit, vegetables and butter and eggs. The produce will be the surplus from local farms and will be the freshest possible.

▼BERWICKSHIRE needed Berwick, and Berwick needed Berwickshire, but Northumberland did not have the foggiest interest in Berwick, said Mr Niggel Tranter, the author, when speaking in support of the prospective Liberal candidate in a meeting of the Berwick and East Lothian Liberal Association, held in the Liberal Hall, Eyemouth, on Friday.

▼ BERWICK Rangers can look back on the past season with a considerable amount of satisfaction - and a certain feeling of frustration. There must be all-round satisfaction that the Rangers collected 38 points from 36 games to finish in the top six. There must be frustration that, following an end-of-season slump they missed the chance of top four talent money.

100 years ago

▼ GREENLAW: The Reverend Peter Wilson is expected home about the beginning of June. Mr Wilson went out to Rangoon, Burma, to take charge of the Scotch Church there during the furlough of the minister, Rev J. A. Drysdale. During the past Winter he has been acting as Chaplain to Scottish troops at Meerut, India.

▼ DUNS Football Club have had a rather indifferent season. There is any amount of football in the team, but somehow success refuses to come their way in cup ties. The club’s officials are furthermore faced with the great difficulty of getting a full team away when journeys have to be undertaken, and on more than one occasion matches have had to be cancelled due to a lack of numbers.

▼ FOLLOWING upon such border Estates as Ord, near Berwick, and Mertoun in Berwickshire, both recently advertised for sale in “The Berwickshire News”, Middleton Hall, Belford, is now coming into the market, Major Gerard F. T. Leeather, the owner, having decided to sell this well known Border Estate of about 8,500 acres. The whole Township of Hetton is included, and much of that of Holborn, and it is interesting to note that no sale of a similar nature has taken place in Belford District for very many years.