Looking at the world from a different angle

Angie Hobbs, modern day philospher
Angie Hobbs, modern day philospher

Do you see the world as others see it, even when looking at the same thing? And you do understand what you are seeing is in a different way from others?

These are the questions Chirnside Primary School children will be trying to answer as they take part in the first ‘What Do you see’ David Hume Observation Competiton.

David Hume philosopher

David Hume philosopher

David Hume was born at Ninewells, Chirnside 304 years ago, and as a child he began to realise he was seeing things in a different light from others. He grew up to become one of the world’s greatest philosophers, his unique view of the world rocking the boat of traditional thinking.

Now the primary school children are busy looking at the world from different angles. Local camera club photographers, Michael Barron, Allan Brown and Mark Kinghorn have been working with the children, teaching them how to take photos of familiar things around them from very unfamiliar angles.

The purpose is to reveal something fresh or surprising or different from the normal way in which we look at things, whether its buildings or our homes, the natural world or even pets. The results will be on display in a public exhibition at the school on Saturday, April 25, from 10am-12 noon.

During the exhibition the winners of the David Hume Observation Competition will be judged by Angie Hobbs, the first (and only) Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy. Angie Hobbs has appeared regularly on radio and TV programmes, including In Our time with Melvyn Bragg, most recently was the guest on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs and has spoken in the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the United States Air Force Training Academy (USAFA) in Colorado.

As well as judging the photos and presenting the prizes Angie will give also talk to the children about fascinating conundrums and puzzles.

This will be followed in the evening by the David Hume Dinner, where as guest speaker at the Chirnside Hall Hotel event, Angie will talk about ‘Sympathy, reason and the good life: why the world needs Hume’.

For information about the exhibition at Chirnside Primary School and bookings for the evening event ring Carol on 01890-818730 or email jeffersondavies@gmail.com (Places are limited.)