Longformacus broadband

Longformacus Community Council is looking for the support of local resident to push for the local exchange to be upgraded to improve internet broadband connection.

There is currently a nationwide scheme that will see faster fibre optic cable put into many local exchanges. Scottish Borders Council has committed £8.3m to extend coverage to 95% of the region and the Longformacus local exchange is one of several being considered for this upgrade and is currently “under assessment”. Indications are that an upgrade could take place in 2015, but priority is being given to communities that demonstrate their need by registering.

Mark Rowley, chair of Cranshaws, Ellemford & Longformacus Community Council said: “The community council is keen to see this improvement, but we need your help by registering for faster broadband. It will take just a minute or two online, is free and has no obligations.

“We just ask that you please register at this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SOSBroadbandRegistration

“We currently have over 15% of our users registered as supporting an upgrade. This is far better than many similar rural communities, but the higher the registration the better our chances. Registering can only help us to the earliest possible upgrade.”