Litter epidemic is exposed

Clean Up Scotland, the national campaign against litter and mess run by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful, has released research which reveals that people in the South of Scotland drop litter less than any other area of Scotland.

However, the polling also shows the extent of the litter problem scarring the region.

The research was commissioned by YouGov, which showed 87% of people in the South of Scotland say they never drop litter, compared to only 73% throughout Scotland as a whole.

However, it is also the case that 75% of people living in the south of Scotland have seen litter dropped, either accidentally or on purpose, in the past three months, the highest of any region in Scotland.

Commenting on the findings, Jeremy Purvis, Campaign Director of Clean Up Scotland and formerly MSP for Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale, said:

“This research shows that people here in the South of Scotland are well ahead of their counterparts in the rest of Scotland, with almost nine-in-ten saying they never drop litter.

“However we should not be complacent. There are more shocking results exposing the litter epidemic which we face here in the South of Scotland. Three-quarters of people here are seeing litter being dropped – some of the estimated 250 million pieces of litter dropped each year. Litter has a damaging effect on the south of Scotland, not just in terms of its visual beauty but socially and financially. Litter costs an estimated £78m a year to clean.”