Link Up Day at Coldstream

COLDSTREAM Community Centre is hosting a Link up Day on Saturday (10am-4pm), inviting members of the community to come forward and share their views on the developments they would like to see happening in the town.

The Community Trust, which manages the community centre hopes to see a range of people there from different groups, areas and sections of the community. Facilitators have been invited in to structure the activities, starting with a town profile which maps all the groups and services already happening in the town. Then they will move on to looking at any gaps and exploring ideas for new community initiatives.

These might include people wanting to suggest all sorts of ideas: developing facilities in the park, more community transport, soft play for toddlers, a community gym, more activities for the elderly during the day (eg University of the 3rd Age?) more childcare, more employment and volunteering opportunities, more groups to include people with health or mobility problems, or learning difficulties, any further community schemes around Flodden 500.

The exciting thing about this kind of event is that you don’t know what suggestions will come up! The day will give Coldstream people a chance to hear each others’ ideas for the future, and maybe find like-minded partners to push some of the activities forward. It should be a good opportunity to think big and check out the feasibility of some plans, possibly identifying some exciting initiatives.

Some of those who come along will be representing groups, but individuals will bring their own wealth of knowledge about the town too, so they are very welcome as well.

The Trust is encouraging as many people as possible to take part and also providing a free lunch. Book your free place with John Slater, Development Manager, on 01890 883332 or email