Lights committee to resign at Dunbar

Volunteers are being sought to help with Dunbar’s Christmas lights next year.

George Smith, chairman of the current Dunbar Christmas Lights Committee explained at the recent meeting of Dunbar Community Council that the present members of the committee intend to resign at the end of the current financial year (March 31, 2014).

The committee will not carry out any further preparation work for the 2014 event. However, However, they will be happy to advise/train another group of people wishing to organise the Christmas Lights in future.

There has been no response from the community to join the committee leaving only a few people to carry out the many tasks associated with the displays. The committee thanked the community council and the people and businesses of Dunbar for supporting them financially every year by donations etc.

The members of Dunbar Community Council expressed their sincere thanks to everyone involved for their dedication to this event over the years and thanked them for attending the meeting. They also appreciated the reasons for this decision.

The community council agreed to make every attempt to raise awareness within the community over the Christmas period.